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Omikuji is a typeface based on the Japanese "O-mikuji" tradition. Omikuji has nearly 1000 years of history and is said to have started in old times when people drew lots to hear an divine opinion on such things as predicting government outcomes or choosing a successor. It has evolved into a way to predict the fortunes of individual people, showing a person’s overall fortune for the future as well as a prediction for detailed items including health, work, love, business, study and travel.

The drawn lots are folded and tied in designated places around Japanese temples. The alternation between hard straight shapes combined with the soft round shapes of the lots have been the main inspiration for this typeface.

Omikuji comes in both a Light and a Regular typeface.

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Omikuji Regular ↓

Size: 15 px

Spacing: 0px

Line Height: 11px:

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